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BoTong Civils
BoTong Civils is a qualified and fully infrastructure-compliant, proudly South African B-BBEE Level 1 construction and engineering company that services the Commercial, Mining, Parastatal and Governmental sectors.

BoTong Civils is a division of InvesTong Group founded in 2006. Our team has over 30 years of aggregated experience understanding clients’ unique requirements across a spectrum of sectors to deliver results that add value. In 2016, InvesTong Group extended its multi-disciplinary expertise into the infrastructural sector, and thus BoTong Civils was born. The company was established with the primary objective of being an empowerment vehicle that delivers on medium and large-sized projects – “with relative ease and agility”.

Construction and Engineering Specialists
With extensive experience in a variety of industry areas, BoTong Civils is a dynamic company that is made up of historically disadvantaged individuals (HDIs) that utilises a group of industry experts to deliver a first-class finish to every project with thorough attention to detail.

Our industry expert teams are part of our executive profit-sharing scheme, which ensures quality service to our clients through accountability and self-invested interest. We have also recruited other skilled professionals to drive the growth of the company in both executive and non-executive roles.

Quality, Not Quantity

We strive for perfection and believe that our essential key to success is our drive to commit to continuous improvement and dedication using the highest standards with excellent results. We pride ourselves on our competitive edge and ability to compete in the dynamic and ever-evolving construction sector, which is why BoTong Civils is swiftly developing into the African continent whilst transitioning from a first-class, medium-size professional construction company to a large corporate business.

Safety First

COVID-19 has changed the business landscape of South Africa with far-reaching effects across all industries within the continent. As a conscientious company, we will continue to monitor the property and construction sector throughout this pandemic to remain compliant as per the health and safety standards set-out by Department of Health.


BoTong Civils provides superior, sustainable, and affordable professional construction and engineering services that meet the high standards that our clients demand.


Whether we work on residential, commercial, or industrial construction and engineering, BoTong Civils’ vision is to be a leading and trusted player in the construction industry and throughout the African continent.


At BoTong Civils, our priority is our clients, their satisfaction, and the service excellence that we provide. Our values reflect this priority in our pursuit of quality, multi-disciplinary customer relationships by providing innovative construction and engineering solutions using open communication methods.

As Construction and Engineering Specialists, We Ensure Quality Over Quantity. Every time. Everywhere.


We hold ourselves accountable and can be relied upon to adhere to the highest professional standards to ensure that we deliver construction and engineering services of the highest value.


We hold ourselves accountable and can be relied upon to adhere to the highest professional standards to ensure that we deliver construction and engineering services of the highest value.


Treating our clients with the dignity and respect that they deserve is one of BoTong Civils’ highest priorities. Our team members conduct themselves professionally through honesty and loyalty with a focus on quality customer service.

Customer Focus

Our customers are our focus and are at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on our customer relationships, which are built on a foundation of mutual understanding, trust, and respect.


As the heart of our business operations, our clients are our priority. We pride ourselves on open, continuous communication, and truly believe that transparency is the key to success.

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